Whimsy Wreath Tutorial

I love making wreaths! I wasn't planning on making a new one but when I saw this elephant, the gold glittery feathers and those gems this past Christmas season, I just knew I had to do something whimsical with them. One of my most popular posts was my 'Spooky Halloween Wreath Tutorial,' so as I started to lay out my supplies, a light-bulb came on and I thought, 'why not share with you, how easy this wreath will be to make!?!' If you'd like to learn how to make this...


...then grab your coffee and stick around for a few minutes to check out my picture tutorial :)

First, I searched around for my supplies. Most everything here came from Michael's or Target.

  • grapevine wreath
  • elephant ornament
  • feather ornaments
  • gem ornaments
  • little pink sisal trees (Michaels...I think. You can also get some really great dyed ones on Etsy)
  • pink and gold holiday picks
  • glitter (my own mix)
  • fairy lights (just google it and you will find some ;)
  • gold tinsel (you can get this on Etsy or probably any store with Christmas decor)
  • hot glue gun and sticks
  • white glue
  • scissors
  • bakers twine or some sort of string to hang the gems

Then, I played around a bit to find out how I wanted to place them on my wreath. It's a good idea to get it all set up before you start hot gluing things on. Taking a picture so you don't forget exactly where something goes is a great idea too.


To make the sisal trees a little more wintry, I brushed them with white glue and sprinkled one of my special glitter mixes on it to make them look snow covered. Martha Stewart actually has a 'snow glitter' too that I got at Michael's years ago. Shake your excess glitter off over a file folder or folded paper, so you can get it back into the jar easily. Don't want to waste that glitter now ;)


Hot glue the back of your feather ornaments and put them on where you'd like them...


I held them for a few seconds so it would harden in place...


Oooh la la, look at that pink glitter and gold doodads...


The picks have sticks on them, so I just hot glue the stick and stuck it through the grapevine wreath where I wanted them...


I felt like the wreath itself needed a little bling but I didn't want anything big to take away from the pieces I was already putting on it, so I pulled some of the gold embellishments off the pink glitter picks and hot glued them here and there (be careful not to glue your finger to the wreath like I have been known to do ;)


I hot glued some tinsel onto the bottom of the wreath, just to give the elephant and sisal trees a little cushion...


 Then hot glue on your elephant...


...and your sisal trees...


 Again, make sure you hold them right where you want them for a 5 or 10 seconds, so the hot glue can harden it in place...


Next, you'll hang your gem ornaments! I love these. I used a fancy baker's twine to hang mine at different lengths...


I played around with it a bit, because after putting them on the way I envisioned, I decided to change it...


After all of those simple steps, I thought I was done, but I felt like it still needed a little something. I luckily had an extra set of battery operated fairy lights that I wrapped around the wreath and just taped the battery box to the back.


Here are a few close ups with the fairy lights on...


I just love how whimsical this is! I know elephants and gems and feathers don't really 'go together,' but make up your own rules on this ;)

I felt it was too fragile to put on the front door, so it's on the inside, which worked out perfectly because it's right outside of my studio and I get to stare at it much of the time, tee hee :) If you had a glass door in front of your main door, that would be an awesome place for this.

I hope this helps you get some inspiration to make a fun wreath of your own. Of course, you can choose whatever ornaments that YOU like and change it up! This would make a great Christmas or holiday gift too. If you make a wreath, send me a picture...I'd love to see what you come up with.

Jamie :)